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Why You Have to Fit a Bra Even AFTER You Get Your Size

You’ve measured yourself (or gotten measured), put your measurements into a size calculator, and now you are staring at your new size. But it still doesn’t fit… Unfortunately, measurements are not a magic sizing solution but rather are used as a starting point. Measuring, size calculators, conversions, etc. get you about 80% of the way there, but you also have to take note of how the bra feels. Why aren’t measurements perfect for determining size? Because our bodies aren’t made up of hard, standardized blocks. We are squishier in certain areas, longer or shorter in others, and vary from person to person. No two bodies are alike – just somewhat similar. Many customers complain about a lack of standardized sizing...

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Why Buying Luxury is More than Just the Purchase Price

Luxury is an investment. There is no doubt that luxury items, whether it’s clothes, shoes, travel, or restaurants, are expensive. But there is more behind just the financial cost of luxury. While some well-known brands have the ability to charge high prices just because of their name, there are so many other reasons why luxurious items and experiences are what they are.

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