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Why Bra Sizing is Important

In the past few years, more brands are starting to bring up the importance of bra sizing. But why is it really important at all?

Imagine wearing the wrong size jeans. What happens? Mild discomfort, maybe a few embarrassing moments hiking up your falling pants, or stiffly sitting down because your pants are too tight. But nothing bad happens, right? 

Now imagine wearing the wrong size shoes. Too big and your feet are lacking the right support, pronating inward, flopping around inside, and developing blisters. Too small and you're binding your feet, crunching your toes, and can barely walk. MUCH more painful in either of these situations. 

A bra is a bit like the shoes in this example. Without the proper support, it can be painful trying to support breast weight, especially if you have larger or heavier breasts that cause you to slouch over. A well-fitting and supportive bra can alleviate, if not eliminate entirely, the pain and discomfort of supporting large breasts. (Hint: It's almost entirely dependent on the band!) 

And unlike shoes, it's a bit more obvious if you are wearing the wrong size. If your shoes are too large or too small, no one really knows unless you're waddling around. If your bra brand is too small or too large, it may pinch or not provide adequate support. If the bra cups are too small, the cup can dig into your breast tissue which can show lumps and bumps through shirts. Too large of cups and the gaping can make fabric drape awkwardly. In short, a good bra can make clothes fit and feel better! And more importantly, it can make YOU feel better.

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