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Why Buying Luxury is More than Just the Purchase Price

Luxury is an investment. There is no doubt that luxury items, whether it’s clothes, shoes, travel, or restaurants, are expensive. But there is more behind just the financial cost of luxury. While some well-known brands have the ability to charge high prices just because of their name, there are so many other reasons why luxurious items and experiences are what they are.

More Quality.

With luxury comes the expectation of higher quality. The materials, components, and details of a garment all contribute to its quality, as well as the actual construction or how it is put together. With more attention on how a garment is construction, a luxury brand can pay for better work and pay more fairly, for that matter.

Luxurious fabrics such as silk, are almost always made from natural fibers, which cost much more than manmade fibers due to their harvesting processes, amount of supply dependent on the earth, and beneficial properties. High quality silk is also hypo-allergenic, absorbent, cooling, and strong, despite what you may think. The addition of luxury details such as Swarovski crystals or gold also increase the quality of materials going onto the garment. A fast fashion brand may use “gold” color details which are produced using paints that easily chip. By using real gold, these details are more durable, on top of the look and feel that real gold will give.

 luxury silk bra with gold

Less Waste.

Sustainability within the fashion industry is a huge issue. One additional way to help reduce carbon footprints from the consumer’s standpoint is to invest in the things we consume. By purchasing articles of clothing that last longer, there is not a need to purchase as many. Shoes worn every day are mean to last around 6 months, or shorter if you’re rough on them! Bras are similar, especially because most of us wear the same few daily (guilty!). A handful of bras that actually fit AND last 6 months or longer will help alleviate the death by fast fashion cycle of purchasing many throughout the year.  

These are just a few tangible examples of the benefits of luxury products. How something makes you feel, both physically and emotionally, can also speak leaps and bounds about purchasing products as an investment into YOU.

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