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Why You Have to Fit a Bra Even AFTER You Get Your Size

You’ve measured yourself (or gotten measured), put your measurements into a size calculator, and now you are staring at your new size. But it still doesn’t fit…

Unfortunately, measurements are not a magic sizing solution but rather are used as a starting point. Measuring, size calculators, conversions, etc. get you about 80% of the way there, but you also have to take note of how the bra feels.

Why aren’t measurements perfect for determining size? Because our bodies aren’t made up of hard, standardized blocks. We are squishier in certain areas, longer or shorter in others, and vary from person to person. No two bodies are alike – just somewhat similar. Many customers complain about a lack of standardized sizing in the fashion industry and particularly the lingerie industry. However, save for some brands who choose vanity sizing* and others who focus on a certain body type demographic, brands use the best data they have from their existing customers to create their own sizing averages and usually standardize it within their own brand. For example, we created our sizing based off research from thousands of women’s body measurements, creating sizes that capture the largest number of women within our sizes, and will continue to perfect our sizing with customer feedback. And because we focus on larger-breasted women, the cup shape of our first bra, the Detroit Bra, skews its construction towards characteristics common in larger bust sizes.

If you haven’t found out for yourself already, bras, in particular, are very difficult when it comes to sizing. This is because of factors such as breast shape, breast weight, physical composition of fat, tissue, and muscle, etc. A plunge bra may not fit the same as a balconette bra based on whether your breasts are fuller on the bottom or top, have wide set breasts, pendulum breasts…the list goes on. This difference in fit may result in a different size in different bra styles – even within the same brand. It takes some trial and error and consultation with the brand’s customer service who might have an idea of how a style might fit based on your size and shape.

Some of the complications around bra sizing are what makes it so frustrating. This is something that's nearly impossible to standardize across brands - at least for now, without the invention of even more advanced sizing statistical software. That’s why we created a system to help reduce some of the common errors and find your fit faster. So use your measurements as a starting point, and we’ll work with you to find your perfect fit.


*Vanity sizing is when a brand, company, or independent designer purposely adjusts the labeling their clothing sizes differently than an “average” standard in order to achieve a certain consumer effect. “Average” standards are still somewhat subjective, but most sizing originates from the similar standards within acceptable standard deviations. A common example is when a clothing brand adjusts their labels in order to make the customer feel like they are wearing a smaller size than usual in their brand, such as a size 6 normally vs a size 4 in their brand.

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