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Meet Holly Keith

Think back to your first experience shopping for bras. It can be exciting, a feeling of adulthood, embarrassing, a nightmare. For Holly Keith, our founder, it would be the beginning of what would become Holly Keith Lingerie.
As a young teenager, being professionally fit for the first time at a lingerie shop, Holly was given two different sized bras to take home. Soon, she was not only using safety pins to make straps tighter or bands smaller, but she was also wearing sweaters every day to cover up these alterations. Eventually she would learn that she did not fit into conventional sizes and was just given the “next best” sizes in order to make a sale. After finding more size options at a specialty lingerie boutique, Holly again left the shop just as uncomfortable. This time from the full-coverage designs, tacky patterns, straps thicker than most tank tops. Unfortunately, Holly is not the only young woman to feel self-conscious or unconfident because of her body. 
Determined to find out why beautiful bras did not come in her size, she went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in Fiber Science & Apparel Design from Cornell University. After researching not only the industry and history of lingerie but also women’s bodies, measurements, and bra sizing, Holly discovered a disconnect between the bra sizes offered and the bra sizes women should be wearing. It was then that she realized something different needed to be done to a sizing system that hadn’t been updated since its invention in the 1930s.
Society has told us we are either an A, B, C, D, or DD cup with sizes rarely extending beyond that, and this has limited the sizing the industry has offered. With this in mind, along with research, fit tests, data, and algorithms, Holly Keith Lingerie has developed a new sizing system based on measuring by breast volume. Our aim is to fit more women, better.
Holly Keith Lingerie is a luxury lingerie brand, focused on providing high-quality lingerie to large bust sized women through a new, innovative sizing system. As we continue to grow, so will the designs and sizes we offer to serve women of different body types with lingerie of the highest level.